Teacher Technology Interest Survey and Involvement Initiative


Laura Hosman, Illinois Institute of Technology

Gardenia Aisek, Chuuk Department of Education

Maja Jagev Cvetanoska, USAID Macedonia


Education-based technology presents an incredible opportunity for teachers to enhance the classroom, but too often such implementations are done without the educators' consent, interest, or understanding. Teacher assessment and training is integral to the PISCES project. The team will be administering a baseline survey during the first deployment trip in order to gauge teachers' understanding of technology as well as their interest in using it. A proper course of action will be determined based on that data, with the goal of preparing teachers for the new technology at their disposal.


The education team was able to make a presentation about the PISCES project to the entire Summer Institute attendees, consisting of roughly 400 teachers and administrators. The audience's excitement was tangible, demonstrated by their countless questions posed throughout the day. Macedonia's computers-in-the-schools experience was highlighted as well, as the presenters had previously collaborated on this project. Macedonia went through a ten-year program in which ICT was successfully integrated into its educational system, and the long-term challenges and rewards of this program were highlighted in the presentation.

Day_11_-_Computer_Lab_and_Wireless_(9)_(600x800).jpg Day_11_-_Maja.jpg


The team collected a sample of approximately 200 surveys from the teachers attending the summer institute. The survey was intended to gauge teachers' attitudes, concerns, and expectations regarding current and future technology in the classroom.


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