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The Solar Computer Lab-in-a-Box Has Arrived!

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August 6th, 2012


The team got an incredible surprise today, as the solar computer lab-in-a-box showed up at the Trukstop Hotel in Chuuk. We've been waiting all week for it to make it to the island, so we were not expecting someone to appear at the back of the hotel and tell us, "There is a large box in front waiting for you."


Everyone grabbed their cameras and ran to the front; sure enough, our large plywood and steel container was sitting in the back of a pickup truck, waiting to be dropped back into our hands. The timing couldn't be any better, as the team will be finishing up their work on Udot tomorrow, giving us just enough time to install the table.

Boxarrival_(3).jpg Boxarrival_(4).jpg

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