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Udot Wireless Connection and Summer Institute

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August 6th, 2012


With so much work to be done in so many places, the team had to break up into groups, which headed in different directions. A majority of the team headed back to Udot to install the wireless components, which consisted of an antenna, solar panel, and batteries mounted at the top of a steel pole.


The incredible weight of the pole had already restricted the number of team members able to travel on the boat, but, upon arrival, it also created issues when mounting it. The team had to attach all of the equipment to one end, then lift it to vertical from the other end, until finally adjusting it to fit into a small hole on the ground.


365456.jpg The job would have been nearly impossible, but nearly twenty community members and their children came out to help. They provided the extra force to lift and stabilize the pole while it was directed into place, and they stayed for hours before and after while the team organized the operation. The team greatly appreciated the support the community members provided, and it was a great sign of their dedication to the project.


The remainder of the team attended the opening ceremonies of the Chuuk State school system's Summer Institute. There were numerous dignitaries in attendance, who gave the audience words of both inspiration and exhortation, interspersed with songs from local regions that were represesented at the workshop. In total, approximately 400 teachers are attending this Summer Institute, and we look forward to having the floor tomorrow morning to administer surveys to the teachers, and having discussions with small groups of them in the afternoon.


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