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Guam connectivity workshop resources


Solar-powered wifi
for remote island regions


Solar computer lab-in-a-box
for off-grid schools


Day_5_-_Session_3_(144)_(800x800).jpgRemote island regions face many challenges when establishing reliable internet connections. Using long-distance wireless connections and local, sustainable distrubion methods, the PISCES Project aims to establish a more accessible connection to the rest of the globe.

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Lab.pngAn all-in-one solution for remote computers-for-education programs, the Solar-Lab-In-a-Box kit contains all of the necessary components to install an off-the-grid computer lab. Six low-power (but full-feature!) Intel Classmate laptops are powered by the included solar panels, and with an innovative shipping container that is reassembled into a lab station, the kit provides everything.


Day_3_-_Session_1_(10)_(800x542).jpgIt is recognized that training is one of the most important aspects of any development project. Even the most stable technologies require regular maintenance, while computers present a specific challenge to those who are unfamiliar with them. The PISCES Project aims to fully equip those receiving any systems and services with the skills and knowledge necessary to use them to their greatest potential. By empowering local teachers and repairmen, the technologies delivered will be used more efficiently and operate for much longer.

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